Shane Heimann

Shane Heimann is the regular co-host of College Stories. He’s also a comedian, and he works in television production at VH1. And he’s an actor, who played “Coked Up Drunk Guy” (yep, real name of the role) in the 2012 film Virgin Alexander.

He trained in improv performance at the UCB Theatre, and has written, directed, and acted in dozens of videos that may, one day, be used against him in hearings to determine custody of his as of yet unborn children. Like this one:

He’s also a member of the late night/early morning talk show, Technically Tomorrow, where many of his video sketches have run.

Shane grew up in North Webster, Indiana, and is a member of the Wawasee High School walk of fame as a wrestler.

You can follow Shane on Twitter @shaneheimann

Shane attendedĀ Ball State University, where he lived on a dorm floor with Kevin for 2 years, and in a house, with Kevin and 3 other people, for the other 2.

College Shane:

shane vest 150x150 Shane Heimann

Shane at Ball State, ’04