Jon Daly

Jon Daly is a frequent co-host of College Stories. He is a monologue writer for The Late Show with David Letterman, and he has also worked in the show’s audience department.

Jon is also weatherman & co-host of Technically Tomorrow, which airs on Queens Public Television and Vimeo.

And he’s also an actor — boy, can he act. Believe it or not, the “DJ” in this video? It’s actually Jon!

Originally from Frankfort, Indiana, he is locally famous for eating 8 free hot dogs while working as an unpaid extra in the Shaquille O’Neal/Nick Nolte film, Blue Chips.

You can follow Jon on Twitter @jackperday

Jon Daly attended Ball State University, where he lived in a house with Kevin & Shane (and Elizabeth Kuchta), and briefly worked as a nude model.

College Jon:

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