Jaimie McCaffrey

Jaimie Hughes McCaffrey is a guest, occasional co-host, and producer of College Stories. When she was in school she was called Jaimie Hughes, but then she married Kevin.

She is a monologue writer for The Late Show with David Letterman, where she has also appeared as a fake Sarah Palin.

Jaimie Palin 150x150 Jaimie McCaffrey

Jaimie as Sarah Palin on the Late Show


She has also written for truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest, and writes and acts for Technically Tomorrow on Queens Public Television and Vimeo.

Also, she sucks at pranks:

Jaimie is originally from Terre Haute, Indiana.

You can follow her on Twitter @jaimiewith2eyes AND, for viewers of ABC’s The Bachelor, her popular @bachelorbenhair

Jaimie attended Ball State University, where she lived in a dorm with Elizabeth Kuchta, and in a house with all the hosts of College Stories.

College Jaimie:

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