#89: “Dating, Food & Harvard: Is It Hard?” w/ Alyssa Wolff (Comedian/Author)

We play a lot of college hits in this episode with very funny comedian & author Alyssa Wolff (Lean Over: Women, Work, and Women’s Work)!

Jon asks if Harvard is actually harder than other schools (spoiler: they have a class called “Cosmic Connections”), we talk about the unique kind of homeless person that hangs out at Harvard — is it like that one movie with Brendan Fraser?

We also talk about how dating in college is super unclear — are we dating? Like, person reading this — are we dating right now? Who can even tell! Too many group hangs! College dating is basically Bachelor In Paradise, as Jaimie rightly says.

And we talk about the weird relationship we all have with food in college: free ice cream, the freshman 15, the sophomore/junior overcorrect, and more! Follow Alyssa on Twitter @alyssawolff and buy her book: Lean Over!