#88: “Arby’s to Hollywood” w/ Jeff Lock (screenwriter)

Screenwriter Jeff Lock went to our alma mater (Ball State) in Muncie, Indiana, worked at Arby’s, then wrote a script about an Arby’s-like place in Muncie, and now it’s going to be a real movie that starts shooting soon. COLLEGE WORKS!

Jeff also talks about how he got a later start in college after slacking for a couple years, then co-hosted the late night TV show we created (while Kevin’s brother Joe was the host). We talk about real & possibly fake scholarships provided by David Letterman, majoring in TV, and Jeff has an epic tale about his greatest competitive achievement, which happened in a tiny Indiana town. It’s basically his “Hoosiers.” Follow Jeff on Twitter @locksteady and see his keep an eye out for his upcoming film, “Beef.”