#87: “Proposing on Campus” w/ Nick Blake (writer/producer)

Nick Blake survived the celebration of the Red Sox championship in 2004 (barely), and eventually things got even better: he met the girl who he’d marry, and he brought her back to campus to propose in a super college-y way.

In this mini-episode that’s a follow-up to Nick’s epic story from #85, we also talk about Nick moving to LA to do stand up, hating it, coming back to NYC, and eventually getting into TV. We also talk about our cool-ass moms!

Nick currently works on truTV’s “Greatest Ever” series, and has previously worked with MTV News, and as a comedy writer on MTV’s “Guy Code” blog. He is co-creator of Week Sauce! Show, which you can catch at weeksauceshow.com. Follow him on Twitter @OhHiNickBlake!