#85: “World Series Special” w/ Nick Blake (writer/producer)

Nick Blake (TV producer/writer) happened to be just starting at Boston College when the Red Sox broke their “curse” and won the World Series in 2004, and he has an epic tale of being there on the scene to celebrate…and then having to pay the price for it. We also talk about sports fandom in general, and how people who look down on it are hypocrites who can, generally speaking, get fucked.

This is a bit of a World Series special episode, as Kevin just got back from being in Chicago for the entire run of the World Series as his beloved Cubs broke their 108-year cold streak and finally won it all. It was literally the only good thing to come from 2016, so fuck it, let’s celebrate it.

Nick currently works on truTV’s “Greatest Ever” series, and has previously worked with MTV News, and as a comedy writer on MTV’s “Guy Code” blog. He is co-creator of Week Sauce! Show, which you can catch at weeksauceshow.com. Follow him on Twitter @OhHiNickBlake!